Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Christian Youth are being Taught

So, today I was looking back on my life as a member of the Catholic/Christian churches... When I was wondering HEY, what was I being taught back then? So now that I look back to it... here is what I remember.

I remember being taught that homosexuality is wrong, and since I was only in Catholic Sunday school for the earlier years of my life, this would have to mean that the Catholic church was teaching me about homosexuality!!! How hypocritical for them to demonize us for having the remote possibility of the existence of homosexuality taught in schools. Yet there they are, teaching it to their young followers!? What do you think about this extreme irony...

I remember being taught how wrong it was... So is it right to teach that it is wrong. But it's not right to teach that it is right? These Right Wing Extremists quite possibly astound me in how hypocritical they are and how they think they are always right, even when the proof is right in front of their noses!

Last night I also saw a heart filled video posted by a Keith Olbermann



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