Saturday, November 8, 2008

No On Prop 8 Protests Continue! YES WE CAN!

The past few days Prop 8 No supporters took to the streets in protest against the ban on same sex marriage. Many say, "This is a violation of our rights as Human beings." Throughout many major city's of California you could hear the echoes of the protest. They screamed from their hearts to be heard by all, that we weren't going down without a fight. That we weren't going to let this injustice continue!

Personal thanks to SeanChapin1 for the video!

  • Throughout the streets of Los Angelus, San Fransisco, and other city's we can hear the voices of our friends, daughters, children, parents, family screaming. "WHAT DO WE WANT? EQUALITY!!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!!" Truly this is proof of the injustice done upon these people. I will hope that we all get this victory over the Proposition 8, over the hate and lies, extortion and child exploitation, spread by various Yes on Prop 8 Campaigners.

    • An estimate of nearly 7000+ people have been protesting each day! Several news station claimed the numbers were as high as 25,000. Surely this speaks volumes!

  • If you see one of these protests and believe in it, join it! March with us for the cause of our lives, I am far away but no matter what my heart is marching with them, and I am posting here and there to fight this great injustice! Just remember if you protest, stay peaceful, stay respectful, ( yes even to the Mormons ) don't make the Police do something they or you'd regret.

  • Yes we may be a pain in someones side, but we have to do this for everyones future, for everyones rights... To be heard, to have JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL. If that causes a few Traffic Jams then I think that is a small price to pay! So in the words of so many, YES WE CAN!!! YES WE CAN!!!





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