Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Same Sex Marriage Vermont SUCCESS

I am so happy after so much opposition and harassment from those against S.115. It has now come! Today at about 10:30PM the bill became law after overriding the Governor's veto. Vermont is the FIRST state to legalize same sex marriage VIA legislation! This gives hope for California, this gives hope for all the other states fighting for marriage equality.

This also gives us all hope to strike down DOMA, the fight has just begone but we are gaining momentum at such a fast rate. Thank you Iowa, thank you Sweden, you may have helped us to get our marriage in Vermont! This is such a historic moment for our world, for LGBT citizens everywhere!

I am also pleased to announce that Vermont is the FIRST state to successfully pass same sex marriage legislation and override a governors veto. It is amazing how far we have come in 9 years, even though I was too young to understand politics to this degree... I am so happy and this gives me so much hope and happiness for the future of the United States!


Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going out to celebrate!

Fight the Hate!
Give the Love!

~Celeste a lesbian Vermonter~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Governor or Dicator? S.115 Vetoed

Dictator to harsh of a statement? Who can respect this man for vetoing my marriage, our marriages, our children's, friend's, and relatives marriages? He has absolutely no right to do this and I think there should be a law passed preventing Governors from vetoing civil rights legislation.

At the very least the Governor is consistent with cowardly acts. He claims he is for the State of Vermont, yet ignores a minority of people within it and ignores an overwhelming majority of support for the states senate bill 115. The bill was supported 26 to 4 and 97 to 53 ( predicted overall house count ). The very fact that he can ignore this, and completely ignore all the issues revolved around it.

I did not once see a press conference, a statement after the Governors so called announcement to veto the bill and it is unlikely that we will see any now that he has done it also. The Governor has an uncanny cowardice for avoiding the public when it comes to the real issues, especially issues he causes. I have written him 10 emails and some letters, within a year and a half, and have I received a single letter? a single email? NO, clearly he cares more about his personal belief than the welfare of other human beings. Clearly he doesn't give single thought as to the other opinions of Vermonters.

It is also important to note that I am pretty positive that he did not once involve himself in the issues underlining this bill. More as he saw something he didn't like, he stuck to his dislike and ignored the facts presented to him.

Jim Douglas is not a Governor, he is a dictator.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Vermont House of Representatives S.115 Approved!

Thursday Bill Approved 95-52: On Thursday the house of representatives heard many testimonies from other representatives. Same Sex Marriage proposers sat and watched as many members of the house spoke for and against S.115. You can view the entire debate video at the Burlington free press. ( Click here )

Representatives for the bill gave emotional speeches, some were brought to tears, others paused in the pain and more tears as well as lost for words. I too found myself weeping to the heart breaking stories. I cannot see anyone who could not feel the pain we feel everyday, the discrimination, the reason why we wish to get married and why it is the right thing to do.

As for the opposition, for the most part it was pretty much the same as you'd expect. The repeated "Marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman." One representative was honest about his decision who opposed the bill, that it was based on religious grounds, which despite my disagreement, it seemed that he honestly wanted to vote for the bill. However, I appreciate that he was honest and not hiding behind slogans like other's who opposed the bill did.

Votes came in heavily for the bill, 95 to 52, with absent members of the house. Representatives gave reasons for their decisions, I am also proud to announce that my home town's representative voted YES for the bill!

Friday Bill Approved 94-52: The vote did not decrease, various representatives were not available. One representative who was not there on Thursday showed up to vote yes for the bill. I estimate the total house of representatives for the bill is 97-53. Nevertheless, this means our fight needs to be taken to Governor Douglas and his plans on vetoing the bill.

Help Us, donate to Vermont Free To Marry, or contact the Governor and House of Representatives today! Contact the representatives and ask them to support vetoing the Governor's veto. A few members of the house who opposed the bill, already have come out and said they will vote to veto the Governor's veto, should he veto it.

Governor Douglas: Email ( Click Here ) or call 1-800-649-6825 - urge him to reconsider!

House of Representatives: Email or Call ( Click Here )