Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vermont's Governor Douglas

I am to say the least, disappointed with what I heard on the news today that Governor Douglas will not support the same sex marriage bill "as it is not needed,"

  • "I think the current Civil Union law is sufficient it accords equality of rights to Vermonters in terms of their relationships and I think we should leave the law as it is my major concern and priority is the fiscal condition of our state government and the economic realities they we're confronting and I think it's important that we make those our top priorities...and not deal with issues that might divert our attention from that goal." ~Jim Douglas
Now, if his concern was the economy, wouldn't allowing same sex marriages be a positive influence on Vermont's economy? Yes of course it would be, allowing same sex marriage would mean people out of state will come to Vermont to get married and acquire a marriage license, not to mention if you include the relatives that will attend the marriages, the hotels, the stores and etc that they will visit while getting married in Vermont.

One thing I am concerned with is... Is our Governor against equal rights for Vermont's LGBT community? I don't understand... Why would not moving forward with Vermont's civil rights not be a priority of a Governor? Shouldn't a Governor take on many priorities? Sure the economy should be a major priority... But the rights of people who are being segregated should count too. Surely adding something to the bill to allow us rights... cannot be to much of a hassle.

After all, Connecticut allowed Same Sex Marriages despite the economic crisis and that was progress. Should we halt progress of laws just because money has become an issue? Should we treat people with less respect simply because the economy has gone bad? Should we sacrifice our ethics and moral standing for the sake of some green?

You Decide



Carolyn said...

ok I tried to leave a comment and it took me to this other page.. and played a very strange video recording in some weird mixture of languages including vietnamese. Creepy!

He may be staying away from 'the subject' and diverting attention because he may be up for reelection soon and doesn't want it to jeopardize his chances?

Queers United said...

did he yet say if he would veto it?

mewi said...

Unfortunately it's only been 16 days since he had stated it publicly... So I am still not sure what his overall decision will be... I think he alone should not have the power to veto it.

( accidentally posted anonymously )

Queers United said...

i hope he doesnt veto, we need to put pressure on him