Saturday, November 1, 2008

California: Prop 8 Sex Crimes

Many other statements are regarding the comparison of sexual relations between one or many consenting adults in various situations with non consenting adults. In this case Lesbian and Gay Marriage comparisons. I will eliminate every single of these malicious comparisons one at a time. Some of these disturbing comparisons are as follow~

Reason 1: Pedophilia
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that adults can have sexual relations or even marry children."

    This was a very disgusting statement that I have heard many say. First off the law is not being re-written to allow underdeveloped children to engage in sexual activities or get married with adults. This comparison is complete and utter non-sense as below would also have. Pedophilia is illegal because the child has not developed mentally long enough to make a reasonable consenting decision. Now two consenting adults have this ability!
Reason 2: Bestiality
  • "Allowing same sex marriages, what is next? marrying dogs?"

    Any attempt to marry something that is not mentally aware would be illegal. Because they do not hold the mental capacity to consent or be aware of what is going on. As you can probably guess, two people of the same gender who are adults, have the full capacity to consent!
Reason 3: Polygamy
  • "Allowing same sex marriage will mean soon you can have multiple wives or husbands."

    While this may not be TO far from the truth, the reason why I believe it is illegal is because of the possible legal complications of divorce. There may also be religious factors that play a role but for now I have no disagreement with it, it is their choice. But I can see many problems with it.
Reason 4: Incest
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean you can marry your relatives."

    First off, it is illegal not because they are your relatives, but because them being your relatives causes genetic birth defects in your children. That is the only reason I can think of. Think of the many upon many of people in history who married their cousin/sister/brother. While I feel it's a bit odd to marry your cousin, I see nothing wrong with it as long as they have no children.
In ending when you see these comments of comparison, there is so much evidence to negate them from fact. Do not believe in these things it is another part of the propaganda the anti gay movement is trying to force you to believe. They force us to not marry, they force you to believe their cause. Concentrate on your own beliefs and use provable facts as your power and you shall not falter.

NO ON PROPOSITION H8 ( California )
NO ON AMENDMENT 2 ( Florida )
NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


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