Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vermont's Governor Douglas

I am to say the least, disappointed with what I heard on the news today that Governor Douglas will not support the same sex marriage bill "as it is not needed,"

  • "I think the current Civil Union law is sufficient it accords equality of rights to Vermonters in terms of their relationships and I think we should leave the law as it is my major concern and priority is the fiscal condition of our state government and the economic realities they we're confronting and I think it's important that we make those our top priorities...and not deal with issues that might divert our attention from that goal." ~Jim Douglas
Now, if his concern was the economy, wouldn't allowing same sex marriages be a positive influence on Vermont's economy? Yes of course it would be, allowing same sex marriage would mean people out of state will come to Vermont to get married and acquire a marriage license, not to mention if you include the relatives that will attend the marriages, the hotels, the stores and etc that they will visit while getting married in Vermont.

One thing I am concerned with is... Is our Governor against equal rights for Vermont's LGBT community? I don't understand... Why would not moving forward with Vermont's civil rights not be a priority of a Governor? Shouldn't a Governor take on many priorities? Sure the economy should be a major priority... But the rights of people who are being segregated should count too. Surely adding something to the bill to allow us rights... cannot be to much of a hassle.

After all, Connecticut allowed Same Sex Marriages despite the economic crisis and that was progress. Should we halt progress of laws just because money has become an issue? Should we treat people with less respect simply because the economy has gone bad? Should we sacrifice our ethics and moral standing for the sake of some green?

You Decide


Friday, November 14, 2008

National Protest Against Prop 8 on the 15th

On November 15th, please join the National Protest Against Prop 8 in your area.

For anyone who does not know, proposition 8 is the Californian ban on gay marriage. While one might think, what does this have to do with me? Well, the rights in the constitution for LGBT people need to change NOW because even if you are not LGBT, your children, friends, co-workers, etc may be. You may even be part of the LGBT community and not know it yet.

California would be a huge victory for us if we make it, and that means a huge victory for Equality in the united states. So please! Join the protest and fight against this injustice, it effects everyone! Help us show the world that we can love just like anyone else can!. Please go to this site ( Click Here ) for information on where a protest is being held near your area, invite your friends, family, anyone, bring flags and everything! Thank you for your support!

Remember this is a Peaceful Protest~<3


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Christian Youth are being Taught

So, today I was looking back on my life as a member of the Catholic/Christian churches... When I was wondering HEY, what was I being taught back then? So now that I look back to it... here is what I remember.

I remember being taught that homosexuality is wrong, and since I was only in Catholic Sunday school for the earlier years of my life, this would have to mean that the Catholic church was teaching me about homosexuality!!! How hypocritical for them to demonize us for having the remote possibility of the existence of homosexuality taught in schools. Yet there they are, teaching it to their young followers!? What do you think about this extreme irony...

I remember being taught how wrong it was... So is it right to teach that it is wrong. But it's not right to teach that it is right? These Right Wing Extremists quite possibly astound me in how hypocritical they are and how they think they are always right, even when the proof is right in front of their noses!

Last night I also saw a heart filled video posted by a Keith Olbermann



Saturday, November 8, 2008

No On Prop 8 Protests Continue! YES WE CAN!

The past few days Prop 8 No supporters took to the streets in protest against the ban on same sex marriage. Many say, "This is a violation of our rights as Human beings." Throughout many major city's of California you could hear the echoes of the protest. They screamed from their hearts to be heard by all, that we weren't going down without a fight. That we weren't going to let this injustice continue!

Personal thanks to SeanChapin1 for the video!

  • Throughout the streets of Los Angelus, San Fransisco, and other city's we can hear the voices of our friends, daughters, children, parents, family screaming. "WHAT DO WE WANT? EQUALITY!!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!!" Truly this is proof of the injustice done upon these people. I will hope that we all get this victory over the Proposition 8, over the hate and lies, extortion and child exploitation, spread by various Yes on Prop 8 Campaigners.

    • An estimate of nearly 7000+ people have been protesting each day! Several news station claimed the numbers were as high as 25,000. Surely this speaks volumes!

  • If you see one of these protests and believe in it, join it! March with us for the cause of our lives, I am far away but no matter what my heart is marching with them, and I am posting here and there to fight this great injustice! Just remember if you protest, stay peaceful, stay respectful, ( yes even to the Mormons ) don't make the Police do something they or you'd regret.

  • Yes we may be a pain in someones side, but we have to do this for everyones future, for everyones rights... To be heard, to have JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL. If that causes a few Traffic Jams then I think that is a small price to pay! So in the words of so many, YES WE CAN!!! YES WE CAN!!!




Thursday, November 6, 2008

Same Sex Marriage Bans

Proposition Hate as we know it, Well I have held this post back for a couple of days in hope that perhaps the numbers would change. But now that reality has clearly passed. I spent a great deal of my time trying to reach as many people as I could. While my time spent was no where near in comparison to others such as those of NCLR...

  • I feel that our loss can also be a victory, around the year 2000 in California there was Proposition 22 which was the same sex marriage ban of it's time... During that time we were almost 23% behind in polls. This year, we have accomplished something never done before, we have gained on the opposition by at least 18%. We were only 4% behind in the polls.

  • This gain is not without great suffering, of course... The fact is that the same religious groups who lied, cheated, extorted and exploited children are now most likely going to target the currently married lesbian and gay marriages. They will not be happy until everyone of us is a second class citizen. Damaging to over 18,000 currently married couples and over 52,000 children who's parents are lesbian/gay in California... Surely they are the epitome of evil.

  • So we must not give up! Our fight is far from over, they shall ultimately lose this battle. They lost their battle against interracial couples. Their beliefs are a dying breed and our rights are far from a weak cause, stronger than their faith, then their hatred. WE WILL PREVAIL.

The good shall always Triumph over the filth of Evil. We just need to fight a bit longer, maybe 10-20 years longer... But our victory will be our gift to our children, our family's children, and their children. We aren't just fighting for our rights, but everyones right.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

California: Prop 8 The Conspiracy


Whether you want to believe it or not, there has been a numerous amount of Prop 8 Supporters who have gone out of there way to block various No on Prop 8 supporters on youtube and other websites. Why would they do this you may wonder? Well here are the reasons! In my commonly used reasons listings!

Reason 1: Imitation
  • To pretend to make No On Prop 8 Supporters look fewer than many, they are giving the impression that their cause is more just and right than the opposing party thus giving them more support. To do this, they block any and all opposition from being able to comment to their disturbing videos and/or false information.
Reason 2: Freedom of Speech
  • To eliminate freedom of speech, something that is commonly seen when it comes to religious factions... They will do this even if the opposing party is not offensive in their words. I can't even begin to describe how many youtube prop 8 supporters have blocked me on my first comment just after they requested me to prove my comments.

    Now how can I respond to their request for evidence when they blocked me from messaging them/commenting to their comments? That is right, I cannot. Why do they do this? So it makes it appear that I am surrendering my position in the argument. Starting to see the conspiracy?

    I will also note that I have been preemptively blocked by other Yes On Prop 8 Supporters where I had not even once posted to their videos or comments but find myself blocked nevertheless... Which means they read my comments to other videos and blocked me to prevent me from writing comments to their disgruntled videos~
Reason 3: Lies and Propaganda
  • They use various words such as "Tradition" and "Children" to lure unsuspecting prey into their black hole of false propaganda/advertising and other various shady activities. Do not believe in these facts they give, do some research and find out that most 99% of what they say is not based on any solid evidence what so ever.
Reason 4: Using Political Figures

  • They have and are still trying to force Political Figures into their campaign. A recent event states that Obama was in support for their cause, when INFACT he was not. They use people who otherwise want nothing to do with their cause and make it seem like they are for their cause.

    Obama Does NOT Support Prop 8:

    There is one word I have for these scummy activities of various Yes On Prop 8 Organizations, one word and here it is.


Should you follow the words of corruption? You decide.


California: Prop 8 Extortion

You'd have to say that the Yes on Prop 8 ads have exceeded that of logical conclusions. Well a few days ago I learned that the Proposition 8 Campaign was attempting to extort money from a company known as Abbot & Associates who donated $10,000 to the California Equality campaign. This is the letter that this company received from campaigners.

~Thanks to ExFilms @ YouTube

*Shortened for readability follow the link for full letter*

Letter to Mr Abbot of Abott & Associates
  • Dear Mr. Abbot,

  • We respectfully request that Abbott & Associates withdraw its support of Equality California. Make a donation of a like amount to which will help us correct this error and restore Traditional Marriage. A donation form is enclosed. We will be most grateful and will advertise on our website Abott & Associates' generous contribution.

    Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. You would leave us no other reasonable assumption. The names of any companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to but have given to Equality California will be published. It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations oppose traditional marriage.

    We will contact you shortly to discuss your contribution sincerely hoping to receive your positive response.

    The Executive Committee of and the millions of Californians supporting Proposition 8 thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request.

    Ron Pretice, Yes on 8, Campaign Chairman
    Mark A. Jansson, Executive Committee Member
    Edward Dolejsi, Executive Director, California, Catholic Conference
    Andrew Pugno, General Counsel

Notice the two larger paragraphs, it looks like a certain campaign organization is trying to extort donations from a company by possibly slandering their companies reputation now doesn't it? This kind of crude archaic threat might of worked in the past. It leaves a notion of "We are your friends but if you don't follow us we'll be your enemies. But this is 2008 not 10,000BC this company had the right of mind to make this information public.

Keep this kind of garbage out of our constitution JUST SAY NO ON PROP 8!

NO ON PROPOSITION 8 ( California )
NO ON AMENDMENT 2 ( Florida )
NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


California: Prop 8 Sex Crimes

Many other statements are regarding the comparison of sexual relations between one or many consenting adults in various situations with non consenting adults. In this case Lesbian and Gay Marriage comparisons. I will eliminate every single of these malicious comparisons one at a time. Some of these disturbing comparisons are as follow~

Reason 1: Pedophilia
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that adults can have sexual relations or even marry children."

    This was a very disgusting statement that I have heard many say. First off the law is not being re-written to allow underdeveloped children to engage in sexual activities or get married with adults. This comparison is complete and utter non-sense as below would also have. Pedophilia is illegal because the child has not developed mentally long enough to make a reasonable consenting decision. Now two consenting adults have this ability!
Reason 2: Bestiality
  • "Allowing same sex marriages, what is next? marrying dogs?"

    Any attempt to marry something that is not mentally aware would be illegal. Because they do not hold the mental capacity to consent or be aware of what is going on. As you can probably guess, two people of the same gender who are adults, have the full capacity to consent!
Reason 3: Polygamy
  • "Allowing same sex marriage will mean soon you can have multiple wives or husbands."

    While this may not be TO far from the truth, the reason why I believe it is illegal is because of the possible legal complications of divorce. There may also be religious factors that play a role but for now I have no disagreement with it, it is their choice. But I can see many problems with it.
Reason 4: Incest
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean you can marry your relatives."

    First off, it is illegal not because they are your relatives, but because them being your relatives causes genetic birth defects in your children. That is the only reason I can think of. Think of the many upon many of people in history who married their cousin/sister/brother. While I feel it's a bit odd to marry your cousin, I see nothing wrong with it as long as they have no children.
In ending when you see these comments of comparison, there is so much evidence to negate them from fact. Do not believe in these things it is another part of the propaganda the anti gay movement is trying to force you to believe. They force us to not marry, they force you to believe their cause. Concentrate on your own beliefs and use provable facts as your power and you shall not falter.

NO ON PROPOSITION H8 ( California )
NO ON AMENDMENT 2 ( Florida )
NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


California: Prop 8 Marriage Validity

Another incorrect and misleading statement meant to persuade the masses. Is regarding marriage and how straight coupled marriages will be effected, You should not believe it because it is infact 100% false and only invokes fear on heterosexual couples. There reasons prop 8 supporters give are as follow~

Reason 1: Straight Marriage Validity
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that Straight couple's marriages will be less valid."

    This couldn't be any more far from the truth. So if you meet a lesbian married couple and you are straight, you feel that your marriage is less valid? do you love your spouse any less? If so, then I'm afraid that is not an issue of same sex marriage.
Reason 2: Less Marriage Rights
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that they will have more rights than straight married couples."

    This is 100% false, LGBT people only look for equality not "separate but equal" stances that conservatives have been forcing upon us for ages. To date there is no lesbian or gay couple with more rights than any straight couple.
Reason 3: Adoption
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean the line for adoption will be longer and they will be accepted before us."

    This is another completely false statement. While there is in fact a line for adoption, there is no reason to believe a Lesbian or Gay couple will receive a child any faster than a Straight couple. In fact a Lesbian or Gay couple would probably have a more difficult time.
In ending you can't really believe these stories because they have no real basis in reality. They may have stories of such events occurring. But they are generally manipulated to support their cause, when in fact a case had nothing to do with what they were claiming it had to do with.

NO ON PROPOSITION H8 ( California )
NO ON AMENDMENT 2 ( Florida )
NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


California: Prop 8 We Are Nazi's WTH?

California: Proposition 8

A recent attack made against homosexuals by prop 8 supporters has left me far from happy. This attack seems to exceed all other attacks. Not only does it compare myself to a Nazi, but it compares every other homosexual/bisexual person to a Nazi as well.

Now I am not in any way a Nazi, I support the right to practice ones own religion ONLY if it doesn't effect people who want nothing to do with it. Lesbian/Gay marriage only effects those who are involved... These people tend to make other people's business their own... which leads me to this ridiculous video ;\

In my opinion the person claiming us lesbians ( and gays ) to be Nazi's are the same people that are most likely either closeted gay or even closeted Nazi... But where do we draw the line? How far is the government going to allow them to control our lives? Anyone with even a remote amount of knowledge of World War 2 would of known that Lesbians and Gays were sent to camps along side the Jews... infact if my memory serves right... Homosexual bodies were used as kindling to start fires to burn the other Minority's bodies...
  • Lesbians = Black Upside Down Triangle
  • Gays = Pink Upside Down Triangle
  • Gay Jews = Star of David with Pink Points ( two triangles overlapping each other )

Their archaic form of government control has sickened me for years, how they prevent me from marrying the one I love and now they have the nerve to compare me to a Nazi!? THE NERVE, THE AUDACITY, THE UTTER DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE. Some Christians wonder why a lot of people say awful things about them... It is because of these disgusting self serving conservatives!

Now I realize I do not live in California... But all states are relevant when it comes to our freedoms, if California is liberated from the conservatives self serving ways... it would be a HUGE step towards liberation for the entire country.

So somewhere in this man's mind ( this ludicrous preacher ) Lesbian and Gay marriage would mean the first step toward Ethnic Cleansing. If it was up to this Neanderthal, all homosexuals would be cleansed or "straightened up"... Who is the true Nazi here? The person trying to prevent Equal Rights and forcing his beliefs on others or the people trying to marry the ones they love?

NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


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