Saturday, November 1, 2008

California: Prop 8 Marriage Validity

Another incorrect and misleading statement meant to persuade the masses. Is regarding marriage and how straight coupled marriages will be effected, You should not believe it because it is infact 100% false and only invokes fear on heterosexual couples. There reasons prop 8 supporters give are as follow~

Reason 1: Straight Marriage Validity
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that Straight couple's marriages will be less valid."

    This couldn't be any more far from the truth. So if you meet a lesbian married couple and you are straight, you feel that your marriage is less valid? do you love your spouse any less? If so, then I'm afraid that is not an issue of same sex marriage.
Reason 2: Less Marriage Rights
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean that they will have more rights than straight married couples."

    This is 100% false, LGBT people only look for equality not "separate but equal" stances that conservatives have been forcing upon us for ages. To date there is no lesbian or gay couple with more rights than any straight couple.
Reason 3: Adoption
  • "Allowing same sex marriages will mean the line for adoption will be longer and they will be accepted before us."

    This is another completely false statement. While there is in fact a line for adoption, there is no reason to believe a Lesbian or Gay couple will receive a child any faster than a Straight couple. In fact a Lesbian or Gay couple would probably have a more difficult time.
In ending you can't really believe these stories because they have no real basis in reality. They may have stories of such events occurring. But they are generally manipulated to support their cause, when in fact a case had nothing to do with what they were claiming it had to do with.

NO ON PROPOSITION H8 ( California )
NO ON AMENDMENT 2 ( Florida )
NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )


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