Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elton Gay? or Elton Publicity?

I feel it is time that we start questioning what position Elton John really takes on gay rights, let alone ethics.   It would seem that every time he gets out of the limelight he does yet another controversial anti-gay thing.

Now he played music for Rush Limbaugh's marriage.  A man known well for his homophobic statements.  I'm sure Elton John is going to say he "didn't know about Rush Limbaugh"  but please,  everyone knows Rush.  I am sure a few of Elton's buddies would of pointed this out.  The absolute lunacy of this is far from something that can be ignored.

Rush Limbaugh's hate rants against LGBT people include statements like 

  • “…let’s say we discover the gene that says the kid’s gonna be gay. How many parents, if they knew before the kid was gonna be born, [that he] was gonna be gay, they would take the pregnancy to term? Well, you don’t know but let’s say half of them said, “Oh, no, I don’t wanna do that to a kid.” [Then the] gay community finds out about this. The gay community would do the fastest 180 and become pro-life faster than anybody you’ve ever seen. … They’d be so against abortion if it was discovered that you could abort what you knew were gonna be gay babies.” ~Rush Limbaugh

So not only is he contradicting his anti-abortion stance...   He is saying it isn't okay to abort your child,  but only if you know your child is going to be straight.  Here also is Limbaugh's anti gay marriage statement.

But there is more!  Not only is this Rush Limbaugh's stance, this appears to be Elton John's stance and I quote.

  • We're not married. Let's get that right. We have a civil partnership. What is wrong with Proposition 8 is that they went for marriage. Marriage is going to put a lot of people off, the word marriage...I don't want to be married. I'm very happy with a civil partnership. If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership. The word "marriage," I think, puts a lot of people off. You get the same equal rights that we do when we have a civil partnership. Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships.” ~Elton John

A quote then later used by right wing websites like protectmarriage.c*m and other various anti-gay organizations as a means to attack LGBT Americans.  Later of course on Access Holywood May 26 2009, during the Prop 8 court ruling, in which upheld proposition 8.  Elton seemed shocked as to why it was upheld, in such a "Progressive State."  ( Click Here ) 

Yeah THANKS ALOT ELTON,  NOW you get the picture?  After your words were used to degrade us? and ultimately SWAY voters to vote for Proposition Hate?  Is Elton serious about gay rights? or is he just aiming for publicity and the good old $?  Where are your ethics Elton?  I hope you say something to make it up to the LGBT community that you are suppose to be defending, not alienating.

Civil Partnership?  Maybe you like being in one and being treated differently under the law,  but most of us in the US know our history, and know it is FAR from equal.  Rush Limbaugh?  Maybe you think he's funny?  or maybe you just needed the cash? But he is a raving mad man, a big bag of hate and you just supported him.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


New Hampshire has now become the 6th State to officially legalize Same Sex Marriage. In an astonishing 198-176 house vote the bill immediately left for Governor Lynch where he signed the bill making New Hampshire a part of the Same Sex Marriage Alliance of States! ( my special term for it hehe ) Welcome New Hampshire residents to freedom to marry the consenting adult you wish! We from Vermont are proud of you all who made it happen.

Governor John Lynch Released a Statement ( Click Here )

On a personal note I am very surprised with this, as I have always thought New Hampshire to be very conservative State, but it looks like the damage to the republican party has given us some breathing room from the oppression, lets not stop the fight everyone! Our sisters and brothers are still struggling in other states and we are struggling federally! Lets continue to open the hearts and minds of those around us!


original images were taken from national geographic and nhftm

Friday, May 29, 2009

Granite State's Day of Decision

On June 3rd VTFreeToMarry ( a crucial organization for passing same sex marriage in Vermont ) is helping to organize a rally in Concord, New Hampshire on June 3rd from 9AM to 12PM EST. ( Address Information Below )

The rally will be for the support of Same Sex Marriage Bill HB 73, the state legislature will be making a final vote to the proposed changes to the bill by Governor Lynch, after which ( if it passes ) will then go back to Governor Lynch with or without changes to the bill, where he has stated that he will sign the bill if it meets his criteria.

But opposition has been promoting hate and lies, whether it be through televised commercials with claims of bribery, or protests and door to door slander of the LGBT community. So we need every able body to counter the opposition. Come to the state house plaza and bring your friends, family and anyone who wishes to come! Every person will count ( in or out of state ), this is a peaceful rally, please show your support for HB. 73 to the New Hampshire State legislature.

Please also contact them and remind them how crucial this bill is to equality in NH.

New Hampshire: Senate
New Hampshire: House of Representatives
New Hampshire: Governor Lynch

Rally Address ( Be There! )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
9:00am - 12:00pm
The State House Plaza
107 N Main Street
Concord, NH

For More Information on the Rally ( Click Here )
If you are in the Vermont Area Get on the Equality Bus! ( Click Here )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Injustice is Upheld

When injustice is upheld the human race as a whole loses. When injustice is upheld the religious driven movement of a public majority gains strength to oppress further human dignities, rights and basic freedoms.

As we have known it through history... popular belief is not always the correct belief. Where civilizations have fallen to popular belief, others thrive on such popularity and the discrimination and torture of a minority is all but imminent.

Thanks to the judges of California, this radical shift in the constitution could permanently damage the constitution not only as a state, but possibly infect the righteousness of the constitution nation wide. This virus that has consumed the very heart of what it means to be free, needs to be eradicated or all shall fall to the terror that it will froth.

Is it right to take this back to the ballot? Why should we face and fight for continued discrimination? When our opposition uses the media as a blunt instrument to demonize who we are, too do nothing but lie. When we fall to the majority, will our rights ever be safe? After all, should our rights not be protected from ballot initiatives? Fighting for another ballot initiative, wise or foolish? You decide~

Proposition H8 is nothing but legal terrorism.

~So much for Human Rights~


image is of unknown origin, I do not claim ownership of this image, all credits to the one who created it

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maine Legalizes Same Sex Marriage!

Yay another wonderful day, the Governor of Maine has now signed marriage equality for same sex couples! Maine is now the 5th state to legalize same sex marriage and is now the 1st state to legalize same sex marriage through legislation without having to override the Governor.

Surely this is a wonderful day for the United States, the world and for all Terran kind. I hope to see more liberation of the discrimination in the upcoming months! Lets slay the beast, Proposition 8 and put an end to the hatred once and for all! <3


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Same Sex Marriage Vermont SUCCESS

I am so happy after so much opposition and harassment from those against S.115. It has now come! Today at about 10:30PM the bill became law after overriding the Governor's veto. Vermont is the FIRST state to legalize same sex marriage VIA legislation! This gives hope for California, this gives hope for all the other states fighting for marriage equality.

This also gives us all hope to strike down DOMA, the fight has just begone but we are gaining momentum at such a fast rate. Thank you Iowa, thank you Sweden, you may have helped us to get our marriage in Vermont! This is such a historic moment for our world, for LGBT citizens everywhere!

I am also pleased to announce that Vermont is the FIRST state to successfully pass same sex marriage legislation and override a governors veto. It is amazing how far we have come in 9 years, even though I was too young to understand politics to this degree... I am so happy and this gives me so much hope and happiness for the future of the United States!


Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going out to celebrate!

Fight the Hate!
Give the Love!

~Celeste a lesbian Vermonter~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Governor or Dicator? S.115 Vetoed

Dictator to harsh of a statement? Who can respect this man for vetoing my marriage, our marriages, our children's, friend's, and relatives marriages? He has absolutely no right to do this and I think there should be a law passed preventing Governors from vetoing civil rights legislation.

At the very least the Governor is consistent with cowardly acts. He claims he is for the State of Vermont, yet ignores a minority of people within it and ignores an overwhelming majority of support for the states senate bill 115. The bill was supported 26 to 4 and 97 to 53 ( predicted overall house count ). The very fact that he can ignore this, and completely ignore all the issues revolved around it.

I did not once see a press conference, a statement after the Governors so called announcement to veto the bill and it is unlikely that we will see any now that he has done it also. The Governor has an uncanny cowardice for avoiding the public when it comes to the real issues, especially issues he causes. I have written him 10 emails and some letters, within a year and a half, and have I received a single letter? a single email? NO, clearly he cares more about his personal belief than the welfare of other human beings. Clearly he doesn't give single thought as to the other opinions of Vermonters.

It is also important to note that I am pretty positive that he did not once involve himself in the issues underlining this bill. More as he saw something he didn't like, he stuck to his dislike and ignored the facts presented to him.

Jim Douglas is not a Governor, he is a dictator.