Saturday, November 1, 2008

California: Prop 8 We Are Nazi's WTH?

California: Proposition 8

A recent attack made against homosexuals by prop 8 supporters has left me far from happy. This attack seems to exceed all other attacks. Not only does it compare myself to a Nazi, but it compares every other homosexual/bisexual person to a Nazi as well.

Now I am not in any way a Nazi, I support the right to practice ones own religion ONLY if it doesn't effect people who want nothing to do with it. Lesbian/Gay marriage only effects those who are involved... These people tend to make other people's business their own... which leads me to this ridiculous video ;\

In my opinion the person claiming us lesbians ( and gays ) to be Nazi's are the same people that are most likely either closeted gay or even closeted Nazi... But where do we draw the line? How far is the government going to allow them to control our lives? Anyone with even a remote amount of knowledge of World War 2 would of known that Lesbians and Gays were sent to camps along side the Jews... infact if my memory serves right... Homosexual bodies were used as kindling to start fires to burn the other Minority's bodies...
  • Lesbians = Black Upside Down Triangle
  • Gays = Pink Upside Down Triangle
  • Gay Jews = Star of David with Pink Points ( two triangles overlapping each other )

Their archaic form of government control has sickened me for years, how they prevent me from marrying the one I love and now they have the nerve to compare me to a Nazi!? THE NERVE, THE AUDACITY, THE UTTER DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE. Some Christians wonder why a lot of people say awful things about them... It is because of these disgusting self serving conservatives!

Now I realize I do not live in California... But all states are relevant when it comes to our freedoms, if California is liberated from the conservatives self serving ways... it would be a HUGE step towards liberation for the entire country.

So somewhere in this man's mind ( this ludicrous preacher ) Lesbian and Gay marriage would mean the first step toward Ethnic Cleansing. If it was up to this Neanderthal, all homosexuals would be cleansed or "straightened up"... Who is the true Nazi here? The person trying to prevent Equal Rights and forcing his beliefs on others or the people trying to marry the ones they love?

NO ON PROPOSITION 102 ( Arizona )