Friday, November 14, 2008

National Protest Against Prop 8 on the 15th

On November 15th, please join the National Protest Against Prop 8 in your area.

For anyone who does not know, proposition 8 is the Californian ban on gay marriage. While one might think, what does this have to do with me? Well, the rights in the constitution for LGBT people need to change NOW because even if you are not LGBT, your children, friends, co-workers, etc may be. You may even be part of the LGBT community and not know it yet.

California would be a huge victory for us if we make it, and that means a huge victory for Equality in the united states. So please! Join the protest and fight against this injustice, it effects everyone! Help us show the world that we can love just like anyone else can!. Please go to this site ( Click Here ) for information on where a protest is being held near your area, invite your friends, family, anyone, bring flags and everything! Thank you for your support!

Remember this is a Peaceful Protest~<3


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