Thursday, November 6, 2008

Same Sex Marriage Bans

Proposition Hate as we know it, Well I have held this post back for a couple of days in hope that perhaps the numbers would change. But now that reality has clearly passed. I spent a great deal of my time trying to reach as many people as I could. While my time spent was no where near in comparison to others such as those of NCLR...

  • I feel that our loss can also be a victory, around the year 2000 in California there was Proposition 22 which was the same sex marriage ban of it's time... During that time we were almost 23% behind in polls. This year, we have accomplished something never done before, we have gained on the opposition by at least 18%. We were only 4% behind in the polls.

  • This gain is not without great suffering, of course... The fact is that the same religious groups who lied, cheated, extorted and exploited children are now most likely going to target the currently married lesbian and gay marriages. They will not be happy until everyone of us is a second class citizen. Damaging to over 18,000 currently married couples and over 52,000 children who's parents are lesbian/gay in California... Surely they are the epitome of evil.

  • So we must not give up! Our fight is far from over, they shall ultimately lose this battle. They lost their battle against interracial couples. Their beliefs are a dying breed and our rights are far from a weak cause, stronger than their faith, then their hatred. WE WILL PREVAIL.

The good shall always Triumph over the filth of Evil. We just need to fight a bit longer, maybe 10-20 years longer... But our victory will be our gift to our children, our family's children, and their children. We aren't just fighting for our rights, but everyones right.

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