Saturday, November 1, 2008

California: Prop 8 The Conspiracy


Whether you want to believe it or not, there has been a numerous amount of Prop 8 Supporters who have gone out of there way to block various No on Prop 8 supporters on youtube and other websites. Why would they do this you may wonder? Well here are the reasons! In my commonly used reasons listings!

Reason 1: Imitation
  • To pretend to make No On Prop 8 Supporters look fewer than many, they are giving the impression that their cause is more just and right than the opposing party thus giving them more support. To do this, they block any and all opposition from being able to comment to their disturbing videos and/or false information.
Reason 2: Freedom of Speech
  • To eliminate freedom of speech, something that is commonly seen when it comes to religious factions... They will do this even if the opposing party is not offensive in their words. I can't even begin to describe how many youtube prop 8 supporters have blocked me on my first comment just after they requested me to prove my comments.

    Now how can I respond to their request for evidence when they blocked me from messaging them/commenting to their comments? That is right, I cannot. Why do they do this? So it makes it appear that I am surrendering my position in the argument. Starting to see the conspiracy?

    I will also note that I have been preemptively blocked by other Yes On Prop 8 Supporters where I had not even once posted to their videos or comments but find myself blocked nevertheless... Which means they read my comments to other videos and blocked me to prevent me from writing comments to their disgruntled videos~
Reason 3: Lies and Propaganda
  • They use various words such as "Tradition" and "Children" to lure unsuspecting prey into their black hole of false propaganda/advertising and other various shady activities. Do not believe in these facts they give, do some research and find out that most 99% of what they say is not based on any solid evidence what so ever.
Reason 4: Using Political Figures

  • They have and are still trying to force Political Figures into their campaign. A recent event states that Obama was in support for their cause, when INFACT he was not. They use people who otherwise want nothing to do with their cause and make it seem like they are for their cause.

    Obama Does NOT Support Prop 8:

    There is one word I have for these scummy activities of various Yes On Prop 8 Organizations, one word and here it is.


Should you follow the words of corruption? You decide.


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