Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Injustice is Upheld

When injustice is upheld the human race as a whole loses. When injustice is upheld the religious driven movement of a public majority gains strength to oppress further human dignities, rights and basic freedoms.

As we have known it through history... popular belief is not always the correct belief. Where civilizations have fallen to popular belief, others thrive on such popularity and the discrimination and torture of a minority is all but imminent.

Thanks to the judges of California, this radical shift in the constitution could permanently damage the constitution not only as a state, but possibly infect the righteousness of the constitution nation wide. This virus that has consumed the very heart of what it means to be free, needs to be eradicated or all shall fall to the terror that it will froth.

Is it right to take this back to the ballot? Why should we face and fight for continued discrimination? When our opposition uses the media as a blunt instrument to demonize who we are, too do nothing but lie. When we fall to the majority, will our rights ever be safe? After all, should our rights not be protected from ballot initiatives? Fighting for another ballot initiative, wise or foolish? You decide~

Proposition H8 is nothing but legal terrorism.

~So much for Human Rights~


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Fearless Frost said...

As a heterosexual, this is my answer to the h8 devastation: http://prop8pledge.blogspot.com
Please, I encourage everyone to join me in taking the pledge. Spread the word!!