Friday, May 29, 2009

Granite State's Day of Decision

On June 3rd VTFreeToMarry ( a crucial organization for passing same sex marriage in Vermont ) is helping to organize a rally in Concord, New Hampshire on June 3rd from 9AM to 12PM EST. ( Address Information Below )

The rally will be for the support of Same Sex Marriage Bill HB 73, the state legislature will be making a final vote to the proposed changes to the bill by Governor Lynch, after which ( if it passes ) will then go back to Governor Lynch with or without changes to the bill, where he has stated that he will sign the bill if it meets his criteria.

But opposition has been promoting hate and lies, whether it be through televised commercials with claims of bribery, or protests and door to door slander of the LGBT community. So we need every able body to counter the opposition. Come to the state house plaza and bring your friends, family and anyone who wishes to come! Every person will count ( in or out of state ), this is a peaceful rally, please show your support for HB. 73 to the New Hampshire State legislature.

Please also contact them and remind them how crucial this bill is to equality in NH.

New Hampshire: Senate
New Hampshire: House of Representatives
New Hampshire: Governor Lynch

Rally Address ( Be There! )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
9:00am - 12:00pm
The State House Plaza
107 N Main Street
Concord, NH

For More Information on the Rally ( Click Here )
If you are in the Vermont Area Get on the Equality Bus! ( Click Here )

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