Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maine Legalizes Same Sex Marriage!

Yay another wonderful day, the Governor of Maine has now signed marriage equality for same sex couples! Maine is now the 5th state to legalize same sex marriage and is now the 1st state to legalize same sex marriage through legislation without having to override the Governor.

Surely this is a wonderful day for the United States, the world and for all Terran kind. I hope to see more liberation of the discrimination in the upcoming months! Lets slay the beast, Proposition 8 and put an end to the hatred once and for all! <3



Queers United said...

The catholic church is organizing against this measure :(

mewi said...

Yes unfortunately, even my Grandpa ( who is a catholic ) called my state ( vermont ) "godless" and the "gays godless"

First it was the mormons, now it is the catholics again *sigh*

We need to start getting minority rights protected from voter referendums.